Notes about this Site

General Notes

  • This site contains information taken from headstones, burial records where available, as well as memorials and plaques. Whilst I try to be as accurate as possible I do not guarantee that the information is free from errors as I have found mistakes in "official" records, incorrect inscriptions on tombstones, and of course, transcription errors. The information will be as complete as I can make it but it may not be a definitive list of burials in any cemetery.
  • If you know someone is buried in a particular cemetery and they do not appear here the most likely reasons are that they do not have a headstone, the inscription has become unreadable or I have not been able to obtain any burial information. If you have such information please let me know and I will be pleased to include it.
  • I do gather as much information as I can about cemeteries and burials and it will not be possible to place it all on this site. If you cannot find a name you are looking for please feel free to contact me and I will help if I can.
  • Much as I would like, I am unable to do research. If I have information I will be happy to share it but I'm afraid I don't have the time to go looking!
  • The cemeteries that will appear here will only be those within a short distance of Nairobi for the time being. I will include those farther afield as and when I can.

Recent Burials

  • Some of the cemeteries that will appear here are still in use and consequently some recent burials may be included. I have done this after careful consideration. The majority of those who came to live and work in Kenya left following independence and are scattered all over world with no way of knowing about the passing of old friends who stayed behind. Their inclusion here may help to bridge that gap. However it is not my intention to cause any distress by doing this and if anyone has any objection to the inclusion of any burial please let me know and I will remove it.

War Graves

  • Due to the large number of War Graves in East Africa it will not be practical to include them all here. As the site is intended as a record of those who settled in East Africa I will only include the graves of those who were enlisted in the various East African Regiments or those who are known to have settled in East Africa but then enlisted elsewhere.
  • If you require information on other War Graves please look on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site. Photographs may be available from the War Graves Photographic Project web site. Details can be found on the links page.


  • The information on this site is copyright. It may be used for personal research free of charge. Use for commercial purposes or personal gain is prohibited without written consent of the owner.